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Vaisala Temperature and Humidity Loggers DL2000

By Vaisala pbr

The Vaisala temperature and humidity data logger DL2000 is used to monitor critical humidity-sensitive products and processes. These self-powered temperature and humidity data loggers include on-board humidity and temperature sensors, non-volatile memory, 10-year battery and a precision clock.

DL2000 temperature and humidity logger

Features of temperature and humidity loggers

Vaisala's temperature and humidity loggers are compact, powerful and easy-to-use. They are ideal for use in standalone or networked applications, the data logger connects directly to a PC with USB or installs to your existing network via Ethernet, power over ethernet, or Wi-Fi. The DL2000 also features an optional external channel with current or voltage inputs to record parameters such as differential pressure, C02, level, particles, or conductivity.

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