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The Cold Chain Information System (CCIS)


Most pharmaceutical companies are today monitoring their high valued product during transportation as well as in storage. Having knowledge about the temperature history from one specific shipment is valuable. However, the CCIS provides outstanding added value by processing captured shipping data and translate it into core business information.

CCIS key features

  • Secure and reliable data collection through simplicity of operation, lean processes and integration with ERP Systems
  • Utilizing global corporate SOP's and centrally controlled standard temperature profiles based on stability data
  • User defined standard reports showing temperature performance with respect to transportation methods, routes et cetera
  • Improved green temperature monitoring by automatic reporting on sites' ability to re-use multiple data loggers
  • Risk assessment of shipments by analyzing temperature data not only from an excursion perspective, but also from a risk perspective
  • Identification of bottle necks and evaluation of freight forwarder and carrier performance by automatic integration of milestones
  • Phase determination of temperature excursions and evaluation of suppliers against agreed KPI's

The TempTracer data logger

The carrier of information within CCIS is the TempTracer data logger. The TempTracer offers unique Trip Tag data e.g. shipping number, origin, destination, carrier etc. (18 data fields are available) to be entered into the data logger. The TempTracer data logger is sourced from Maxim semiconductor and is manufactured with an outstanding robustness. It is made of stainless steel and is highly resistant to dust, moisture and shock. Operational and lab tests show the TempTracer data logger to be superior in terms of accuracy, reliability and response time. The TempTracer data logger is available as single or multiple use and is shipped with official calibration documents.