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TSS - Temperature Sensitive Solutions

TSS is a leading provider of products and services for cold chain management, with focus on temperature monitoring.


Cold chain

Provides outstanding added value by processing captured shipping data and translate it into core business information.

Temperature monitoring

TSS has since its establishment in 1992, provided cold chain solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Temperature monitoring solutions

The product portfolio contains the Cold Chain Information System (web based temperature monitoring system), CoolKeeper refrigerants and ProBox shipping containers.

Cold Chain Information System (CCIS)

Few companies can demonstrate TSS's track record, know-how and proven technology required to operate global cold chain information solutions. We have and will continue to invest heavily in the future success of our customers by providing customer driven solutions.

Temperature monitoring system

TSS's Cold Chain Information System does not only provide extremely reliable data loggers and simplicity of use, but also the outstanding system management capabilities required for global operations.

Temperature profiles based on stability data

The Cold Chain Information System (CCIS) offers online temperature data capture and retrieval, excursion and risk management as well as trend analysis.

Utilizing global corporate SOP's

The CCIS brings Cold Chain visibility as one access point to all temperature data.

  • Instant access to global temperature data on the web
  • Support for risk based approaches by advanced search capabilities
  • Improved business insight with Freight forwarder system integration

Lean processes and integration with ERP Systems

The Cold Chain Information System (CCIS) is developed in close collaboration with front position pharmaceutical companies.

  • Leaner process with SAP integration
  • Rapid launch and download with automatic functions
  • Handheld devices available for start, stop and download of PDF report

Risk assessment of shipments by analyzing temperature data

The CCIS can be tailored to suit each business unit, as one flexible solution throughout the organization.

  • Trending capabilities per route, region, product etc.
  • Configuration of automatic temperature alarm e-mails for instant release decision
  • Central administration of temperature profiles and shipment rights

Secure and reliable data collection

TSS brings high quality of service as a provider of temperature monitoring systems.

Quality driven development to support regulatory requirements, e.g. 21 CFR Part 11

Lean and flexible temperature monitoring

Most pharmaceutical companies are today monitoring their high valued product during transportation as well as in storage.

Temperature sensitive products

Having knowledge about the temperature history from one specific shipment is valuable.

Temperature data loggers

Data accuracy through validated systems and the most reliable temperature data loggers

Temperature tracking

Facilitate implementation of global standard operating procedures for temperature monitoring.


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