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Risk-based Monitoring

By Quintiles

Years of process refinement combined with risk-based thinking and data analytics have led Quintiles to an approach that delivers greater efficiency, more predictable trial outcomes and higher cost savings.

Reduce cost while enhancing value

risk based monitoringA risk-based approach to clinical monitoring can facilitate efficient trial delivery without compromising patient safety or data quality. You need a partner who understands the value risk-based monitoring provides and has the experience to execute trials for predictable outcomes.

Integrated offerings deliver greater value

Data-driven Trial Execution, powered by Quintiles Infosario® Clinical technology, expands the concept of risk-based monitoring to optimise trial execution. Our combination of services enables faster, more informed decisions, big picture insights, improved patient safety, increased study quality and more efficient trial management, which can lead to as much as 25% cost reduction over traditional trial execution approaches.

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