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COPA-DATA - Operational Excellence and Cost-Effective Validation White Papers

COPA-DATA - Operational Excellence and Cost-Effective Validation

Batch Control & Touch Technology Wherever you are in the automation process, an interpretation is needed between the process engineers ‘instrument’ - the automation software and process equipment - and the process being controlled. The smooth operation and success of the process is based on the effective interpretation of the control system: from a digital representation into an analogue actuation in the real world.
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Operational Excellence (OPEX) through Optimization As an automation supplier to many different industries, COPA-DATA sees how important mapping the process - and any connecting processes - in the visualization, and then presenting the information to the operator in the format most suited to them, can be in terms of efficiency gains. The operator influences the quality and efficiency of production.
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zenon in Pharma: Enhancing Pharmaceutical Production COPA-DATA enhances pharmaceutical production with its sophisticated visualization software. And, through market penetration, zenon is gaining recognition for advanced pharmaceutical solutions. The rigors of regulation and validation, which impact on patient safety and business risk for the regulated producer, have been accommodated in zenon. Over the years, our customers’ experiences have informed the further streamlining and advancement of the product.
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