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Analysis of Morphometric Bioassays with CTL’s BioSpot® Image Analysis Platform

By CTL Laboratories

Objective, scientifically validated counting algorithms ensure accurate results for yeast viability analysis, NK assays, viral plaque assays, clonogenic and genotoxicity assays, and bacterial colony counting.

In recent years Cellular Technology Limited (CTL) has further customized and optimized our instruments, introducing the BioSpot® Analysis Platform for various applications in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, e.g., Yeast Viability Assessment, Viral Plaque Assays, Clonogenic and Genotoxicity Assays, and Bacterial Colony Counting. This has allowed us to enter into new markets while advancing the research in these fields.

The evaluation of many bioassays requires accurate recognition of complex optical patterns in test wells. While the expert's eye is a remarkable tool for judging morphologies, visual evaluation is tedious, does not leave transparent audit trails, and is error-prone. CTL has created an ImmunoSpot® Analyzer platform that evaluates such assays with the accuracy of an expert's eye, without the shortcomings.

The BioSpot® Analysis Platform enables high-throughput analysis of morphometric bioassays, and has been specifically designed to support a wide range of bioassays, including Yeast Viability Analysis, NK Assays, Viral Plaque Assays, Clonogenic and Genotoxicity Assays, Bacterial Colony Counting and much more.

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