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CluePoints - Intelligent Statistical Monitoring

CluePoints Launches Powerful & Pragmatic Solution to Risk-Based Monitoring A new software and service provider of Intelligent Statistical Monitoring solutions – CluePoints – has been launched today to address the increasing industry need for a pragmatic approach to enable the risk-based monitoring theory to become a reality.
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Software Outfit Tackles Multibillion-Dollar Bugaboo in Clinical Trials The 800-pound gorilla in pharma companies' oft-criticized R&D budgets is the cost of large clinical trials. In the race to provide ways to trim the big expense, CluePoints has debuted with a software and service to identify potential errors in clinical trial data and derisk regulatory submissions.
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Cluepoints Holds Official Inauguration of New Office in Mont Saint Guibert and Launches Solution for Risk-Based Monitoring Using the SMART™ Engine Approach IDDI (International Drug Development Institute) has recently launched its subsidiary entitled CluePoints, the new software and service provider of Intelligent Statistical Monitoring Solutions. This exciting new development is a follow-up to the IDDI article published last August...and is the latest BioWin Success Story.
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