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Centrical Global Limited - Global Clinical Trial Feasibility

Centrical specialises in comprehensive, streamlined, industry-leading global clinical trial feasibility for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Detailed feasibility is a critical step to planning and conducting successful clinical trials in both single and multiple countries. Understanding local standards of care, drug importation and regulatory requirements are all essential to determining where to place a specific clinical trial.

Clinical trial feasibility information

Centrical was established to address the need for high quality, accurate, and timely clinical trial feasibility information that meets the exacting requirements of running current day clinical trials. Our approach focuses on building investigator site profiles, through a series of one-time generic questions, which identify site characteristics and detail their operating environment.

These profiles allow us to share core site information between sponsors and CROs alike, thereby freeing up valuable site time to focus on study specifics. This structured and deliberate methodology is underpinned by our user-friendly, flexible and responsive web-based technologies which allow us to utilise our site selection database tools to effectively communicate with potential sites.

Global feasibility for clinical trials

At Centrical we know how to develop global feasibility and what types of questions to ask to understand which countries to include in a planned study. Furthermore, as we are not involved with the management of clinical trials, our independence allows us to focus, entirely in an unbiased and objective manner, on the identification of sites that are best positioned to deliver results.

At Centrical, our mission is to provide unrivalled feasibility solutions allowing sponsors to effectively and efficiently achieve clinical trial success through meaningful investigator collaborations and for sites to be motivated and engaged. Forward planning with no surprises.

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