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Destiny Pharma’s XF-73 succeeds in phase 1 skin irritation study

PBR Staff Writer Published 27 July 2018

Destiny Pharma, a UK-based clinical stage biotechnology company, has reported positive data for its synthetic antimicrobial drug XF-73 from a phase 1 skin irritation study.

The trial is one of the two phase 1 safety clinical studies of the drug examining its potential to cause dermal irritation.

XF-73 is Destiny Pharma’s lead candidate designed for the prevention of post-surgical staphylococcal infections.

According to Destiny Pharma, XF-73 in aqueous solution, at high concentrations, when applied daily for five days to intact and abraded skin was shown to have similar irritancy potential to water under occluded conditions during the phase 1 trial.

The company said that the finding on abraded skin, along with the lack of systemic absorption also supports the profile of the drug as new treatment options for dermal infections.

Destiny Pharma CEO Neil Clark said: “We are pleased to successfully complete this Phase 1 study, confirming the safe profile demonstrated to date in all other XF-73 clinical studies.

“We are also excited that the abraded skin data supports the potential for the XF platform in treating difficult skin infections and we will now assess our drug development options in that therapeutic area.”

Destiny Pharma said that the results from the phase 1 study support the potential of XF compounds across dermal infection indications. Apart from that, the data also boosts the target product profile of XF-73 ahead of its entry into a phase 2 clinical trial under the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Qualified Infectious Disease Product (QIDP) and Fast Track designations.

The phase 2 study of the antimicrobial drug will evaluate its nasal gel formulation for the prevention of post-surgical infections. Destiny Pharma aims to have the data from the phase 2 trial in the second half of 2019.

The company revealed that the other phase 1 study of XF-73, evaluating it as a nasal gel formulation will be completed later this year in a similar skin irritation potential safety volunteer trial. After completion of the second phase 1 study, XF-73 nasal gel will be ready to undergo its phase 2 trial, said Destiny Pharma.